Chekra is a type of torture used by members of the Asylum, created for several purposes. It was used either for interrogation, as a means of punishment or to strengthen the bones, but also had other uses.

Technique Edit

The subject is strapped to a specially designed chair and a metal body full of steel studs (166 to be precise) is placed around them. When the machine is in operation the studs push against the body at various pressure points and nerve endings, causing pain receptors to become trapped and inflicting huge amounts of pain on the subject.

If used as a means of punishment this could go on for hours, even days. The Asylum favoured it as an interrogation technique as, although excruciating, it left no permanent damage. The Asylum would sometimes use Chekra on recruits, to make them stronger both psychically and mentally.

Notable Use of Chekra Edit

Alex Baines often subjected his recruits to Chekra torture. When George Connor was being trained Baines forced him to endure it almost every day, for fifteen minutes. This was done in the morning so that Connor was enraged and fully awake mentally. It is known that Baines took the same approach when training Samuel Draper and Jed Murray.

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