Mack Taylor (b. 15 March 1996) was a Year 11 Grange Park pupil at the time that George Connor joined the Asylum, and can be held partly responsible for these events taking place. Taylor very rarely showed any emotion, and was hated by most at school, although everyone was always too scared to stand up to him and his gang. He began bullying George Connor in Year 10, and this torment led to Connor's accident which made him blind. Connor was later recruited by the Asylum, trained to kill and given Taylor as one of his first targets. Connor killed off the gang one by one, leaving Taylor until last. He snuck into his house, shot him with a crossbow and eventually killed him. The students of Grange Park were shocked to hear of Taylor's death, but few grieved.


Born with hate and cruelty in his bones, Mack Taylor was notorious at Grange Park High for bullying weaker pupils. His parents abandoned him when he was six years-old, which many believe is the cause of his ways. He was put into care and adopted aged 10. In his final year of primary school he set fire to the school library, which got him excluded, and caused his adoptive parents to put him back into care. As he started secondary school, he was moved to a house for care children, where he lived until the age of 15, when he was allowed his own flat. At 14, he began a relationship with Lauren Reel, an 18 year-old sixth form student. Taylor enjoyed her feisty nature, but naturally the age gap meant that the relationship was controversial around school, and Mack broke it off as he was worried people laughed at them. Taylor had a few short relationships after this, before dating Jennifer.

Sometime in Year 8 he formed a gang which consisted of Remy Ahmed, Tre Brown and 'Scally' Blackwood. The four were disruptive in school, both as a crew and in their own right. In Year 9 Taylor and the gang started bullying Franco Mars, a French exchange student. Apparently their torment towards him was so severe that he made an attempt of suicide a few days before he was due to return to France. Most of the teachers had an idea Taylor and his gang were behind the bullying, but could not gather enough evidence to present to the police. Franco's suicide bid did not phase Taylor, and the four continued carrying out their evil actions on other students.

Bullying of George ConnorEdit

In Year 10, a new pupil, George Connor, became their latest subject. Connor was quiet and shy, and the gang used this weakness to bully him even more than they had done their previous victims. It started mild; they would shout insults at him during lessons and in the corridors, mainly about his deceased mother and his visual impairment. As a result of this, Connor made few friends, as most other students feared Taylor and his gang and did not want to draw attention to themselves by befriending their current target. Around this time, Taylor began dating Jennifer Bradley, a girl in his school year. Jennifer admitted that she found Mack's 'bad boy' reputation a turn on, as confessed to him in the school toilets, where the two would often meet during lesson time for sex. It was from one of these encounters that Bradley fell pregnant, at the beginning of Year 11.

Taylor and his gang's abuse towards George Connor was gradually worsening. Taylor visibly took pleasure in hurting him both mentally and psychically. On one occasion Taylor, Ahmed, Brown and Blackwood cornered Connor in the PE changing rooms and stuck drawing pins in various parts of his body. These kind of tortures continued throughout the first term and Taylor appeared to show no remorse as Connor grew more and more dejected. Meanwhile Taylor is clearly stressed at the thought of becoming a Dad, and he takes his frustration out on George. One school day Taylor promises to give Connor the worst beating ever. He tells him that day after school the gang will get him and make him suffer. George is terrified. As soon as the end of day bell rings he dashes out of school and runs, but Taylor and the gang are right behind him. After an intense chase, Connor escapes down an alley, where a freak accident involving a barrel of acid leaves him blinded.

Downfall and DeathEdit

When Connor eventually returns to school, Taylor has no sympathy for him. He and the gang use this weakness to be even more cruel. One night, Connor considers ending his life, but is captured by the Asylum, who give him his sight back when he agrees to join them. Unbeknown to Taylor, Alex Baines is training Connor to be a killer. Baines uses Connor's anger to turn him into a heartless monster. When the time is right, Baines hands Connor his first assignment: eliminate his four school bullies: Mack Taylor, 'Scally' Blackwood, Remy Ahmed and Tre Brown. Connor chooses to kill Brown first, and succeeds after breaking into his house and stabbing him. Baines asks Alex to be more relentless with the next two, and he kills Blackwood and Brown only after subjecting them to terrible torture.

Eventually Connor comes to his final target: Mack Taylor. Mack, although reluctant to become a Dad, had been supporting Jennifer through her pregnancy. Taylor is shook about his friends deaths, though he believes the disappearance of George Connor has no connection. He is also much less powerful at school, with the rest of his gang no longer around. Students are now beginning to fear him less, and he is even ganged up on on day by some sixth form boys. Connor watches Taylor and breaks into his house to plot the kill. When Taylor returns home Connor shoots him in the leg with a crossbow, leaving him badly injured. Connor enjoys watching him squirm in pain. He thanks Taylor for the bullying and abuse, as it made him realise who he is. He plans to torture Taylor using several instruments, but Jennifer Bradley walks into the house and interrupts. Taylor calls out to her, and Connor shoots him dead. On his way out he meets Bradley on the stairs, and points the gun at her. She begs him not to kill her as she is heavily pregnant. He pauses for a while, then hurriedly leaves.

A few days later a service is held at Grange Hill for the murdered students. Bradley later has a short relationship with Connor, where she reveals she never liked Mack, she only went with him so that she could steal his sperm and become pregnant.


Mack is naturally cruel and nasty. Many believe his parent's abandonment is the cause of his ways, although others believe he was born pure evil. He shows no remorse for his actions and clearly enjoys hurting others. He does seem to genuinely care about Jennifer Bradley, especially when she falls pregnant with his baby.

He clearly enjoyed being feared around school, and would frequently train in the school gym to keep himself strong and fit. Taylor also took pride in his appearance, and this alone made him popular with many girls.

Appearances Edit

Series 3 (four episodes)

Novels: Series 3 - The Making Of A Monster

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