Rent Ahmed was a Grange Park High student, who was good friends with Mack Taylor and often aided him in giving students a hard time. He was part of the gang (which also consisted of Taylor, 'Scally' Blackwood and Tre Brown) that bullied George Connor following Connor's arrival at Grange Hill in Year 10.


Remy Ahmed had a lot of hatred in him. His older brother, a soldier, was killed in Afghanistan when Remy was 12, and is tore his family apart. Consequently he found it hard adjusting to secondary school life, and was suspended several times throughout Years 7 & 8. He also spent two months in a juvenile detention centre for hitting a boy he was fighting with over the head with a cricket bat.

He was (controversially) allowed back into Grange Park after his release, and built up a strong friendship with Mack Taylor. Taylor had also had a sad upbringing and the pair found they had much in common. They were also feared by many of the other pupils, because they had started gaining a reputation for picking on weaker students. Ahmed and Taylor recruited Tre Brown and 'Scally' Blackwood to form a kind of gang, one that went around bullying and beating up people. In Year 9, the four bullied Franco Mars, a Frencg exchange student, who attempted suicide after the intense torment.

Ahmed was the closest to Taylor in the gang, and many saw Taylor as the leader, with Ahmed 'second in line'. There was an incident during the Summer holidays after Year 9 where Ahmed threatened a disruptive child on a bus with a knife. Although there were many witnesses, none came forward to the police. Taylor was with Ahmed at the time, but calmed him down and escorted him off the bus rather than causing further trouble, probably because he didn't want his friend to end up in borstal.

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